Our History

Operating Since 1990

Australian Intercollegiate

Meat Judging Association

Intercollegiate Meat Judging was begun by Meat Science Professors in the USA in 1927. The US has 60 Land Grant Colleges —most of which have large meat science facilities—, something that we are yet to see at one University in Australia.

The US has various contests each year and students travel all over the US competing. Nowadays many of the top managers in the US meat industry are former contestants.

When on his 1983 Churchill Fellowship in Meat Marketing, John Carter (first Australian ICMJ President) realised the enormous contribution that the program made to the US industry. When he became Chairman of the NSW Meat Industry Authority he was able to begin the program in Australia.

Throughout this time over 2000 students enrolled in tertiary education from 21 different institutions have participated. Since 1994, ICMJ have sent over 100 students to the US, and in teams of 5-6 have competed in the National Western ICMJ contest at Greely, Colorado .This follows an intensive two week tour of abattoirs and University Meat Science facilities where students judge the quality and yield of beef, lamb and pork carcasses.

Hall of Fame

Australian National Teams Competing in the USA


Rex Suderland- East Sydney TAFE
Coach – Gary Keys


John Manchee- Orange Agricultural College
Craig Mayne- Hamilton TAFE
Coach – Ken Oakley


Tim Noske- Regency TAFE
Coach -Owen Lysaught (Charles Sturt Wagga)


Tony Watson- Regency TAFE
Scott Wake- UWS Hawkesbury
Ben Hill- CB Alexander College, Tocal
Gary Kilday- UWS Hawkesbury
Greg Finucane- Hamilton TAFE
Coaches – Robert Mulley, Jason Strong, Duane Wulf


Cye Travers- UWS Hawkesbury
Alistair Rayner- UWS Hawkesbury
Hamish McKerrow- Orange Agricultural College
Andrew Rose- CB Alexander College Tocal
Michael Dimich- Werrington Tafe
Coaches – Jason Strong, John Paterson and Sally Wall


Deanna Leven- University of New England
Tim Smith – University of New England
Roger Evans- University of New England
Dom Makim- University of New England
Simon Bayne- Regency TAFE
Coaches – Jason Strong, Peter Dundon


Bernadette Jolley- Orange Agricultural College
Joanne Taylor- Charles Sturt University, Wagga
Gary Edwards- UWS Hawkesbury
Todd Aitkin- CB Alexander College
Alan Kroll- UWS Hawkesbury
Coaches- Jason Strong , Ken Oakley, plus Andrew McKarron and Don Burke


Alexander Harrington- Sydney University
Gilly Simos- Sydney University
Erica Altman- Sydney University
Belinda Hoskens- Regency TAFE
Colin Cowell- UWS Hawkesbury
Coaches – Jason Strong and Sue Johnson


Alistair Nash- Sydney University
Mark Sansom- Orange Agricultural College
Sam Mitchell- Sydney University
Amanda Corney- UWS Hawkesbury
Kate Woodward- University of New England
Coaches – Jason Strong and Michael Beer


Troy Setter- University of New England
Michael Walker- Orange Agricultural College
Nick Davison- Orange Agricultural College
Rebecca Underwood- Sydney University
Sarah McGrath-University of New England
Coaches – Jason Strong and Michael Crowley


Kate Neath- Sydney University
Todd Armor- Emerald Ag College
Ian Gardner- Emerald Ag College
Donna Knox- University of New England
Jean Smith- Charles Sturt University, Wagga
Coaches – Jason Strong, Cye Travers and Angus Hobson


Shaun McGrath- Sydney University
Cathy Stimson- Sydney University
Elisabeth Barker- Charles Sturt University, Wagga
Melissa Willcocks- University of New England
Sara Foot- CB Paterson, Tocal
Coaches – Jason Strong, Alison Rowlands and Colin Cavanough


Michael Connors- Sydney University
Sheridan Payne- Sydney University
Gemma Carmichael- University of New England
Edwina Toohey- Charles Sturt University, Wagga
Steven Downes- Sydney University
Peter McGilchrist- University of New England
Coaches – Jason Strong and Rebecca Underwood


Hayley Moreland- University of New England
Kim Tink- University of New England
Mark Hazelton- Sydney University
Zoe May- Sydney University
Michael Pitt- University of Queensland, Gatton
Brad Robinson- Sydney University
Coaches – Jason Strong


Judith Grauer- University of New England
Richard Sanders- Charles Sturt University, Wagga
Sarah Brown- University of New England
Lee Freeman- University of New England
Rachel Webb- University of Queensland
Coaches – Jason Strong and Michael Crowley.


Ryan Andrews- University of New England
Dimity Butler- University of New England
George Wragge- University of New England
Anthony Rosser- University of Queensland
Fiona Sparke- Sydney University
Coaches – Jason Strong and Michael Crowley.


Sam Clarke- University of New England
Ben Thomas- University of New England
Alix McFarland- Charles Sturt University, Wagga
Philippa Farr- University of New England
Catherine Gulliver- University of New England
Coaches – Rebecca Underwood and Sarah Moore.


Jeremy Millar- University of Queensland, Gatton
Kathleen Marshall- University of New England
Kelly Stanger- Murdoch University
Dylan Duncan- University of New England
Amy Watt- University of New England
Coaches – Jason Strong and Rebecca Underwood


Andrew Cavanagh- University of Queensland, Gatton
Andrea Conn- University of New England
Lisa Cassar- University of Western Sydney
Emma Hegarty- University of New England
Tahnee Manton- University of New England
Coaches – Rebecca Underwood and Michael Crowley


Jessira Perovic- Charles Sturt University, Wagga
Will Hogan-  University of New England
Campbell Ross- Charles Sturt University, Wagga
Peter Carrigan- Murdoch University
Coaches – Michael Crowley and Brad Robinson


Jessica Everett- Murdoch University
Jessica Loughland- Charles Sturt University, Wagga
Ruth Corrigan- University of New England
Toni Johnston James Cook University
Claire Petterson –  Charles Sturt University, Wagga
Coaches – Brad Robinson and Michael Crowley


Naomi Hobson- Charles Sturt University, Wagga
Melissa Adams- Tocal Agricultural College
Claire Payne- Murdoch University
Lucinda Sheppard- Sydney University
Katelyn Braine- Charles Sturt University, Wagga
Coaches – Brad Robinson and Emma Hegarty


Vanessa Campbell- Charles Sturt University, Wagga
Tim Ryan- University of Melbourne
Rozzie O’Reilly- University of New England
Jordan Hoban- Charles Sturt University, Wagga
Isaac Allen- Charles Sturt University, Wagga
Coaches – Brad Robinson and Emma Hegarty


Hamish Irvine- University of Sydney
Frederick Broughton- University of New England
Nick Van Den Berg- University of Adelaide
Tamara Heir- Charles Sturt University, Wagga
Laura Kemmis- Charles Sturt University, Wagga
Coaches – Emma Hegarty and Demelsa Lollback


Ella Mazoudier- Tocal Ag College
Hannah Marshall- University of Adelaide
Timothy Morley-Sattler- Charles Sturt University
Clara Collison- University of New England
Meg Parsons- Charles Sturt University
Coaches – Emma Hegarty and Demelsa Lollback


Anna White-  University of Sydney
Simon Kensit- University of Sydney
Reuben Welke- Murdoch University
Jess McGrath- Charles Sturt University
Georgia Clark- University of Sydney
Coaches – Demelsa Lollback and Tim Ryan


Chloe Gould- University of Queensland
Macky Lawrence- Charles Sturt University
Gabrielle Ryan- University of Sydney
Olivia Swan- Murdoch University
Rachel Tulloch- University of Sydney
Coaches – Demelsa Lollback and Tim Ryan


Bridie Luers- Murdoch University
Emily Webb Ware- University of Melbourne
Lachlan Woods- Charles Sturt University
Harriet Moss- Murdoch University
Jake Bourlet- Charles Sturt University
Coaches – Tim Ryan, Sarah Stewart and Nick Van Den Berg


Lauren Smith – Murdoch University
Jessie Phillips – Charles Sturt University
Felicity Brumpton – University of New England
Jess Davis – University of Sydney
Nikita Ellison – University of Queensland
Coaches: Sarah Stewart and Nick van den Berg


Hamish Fuller – University of Sydney
Kieran Smith – University of New England
Claire Marriott – University of New England
Priscilla Evans – University of Sydney
Margot Sullivan – Marcus Oldham
Coaches – Nick van den Berg and Melanie Smith


Founders Buckle- Individual Winners

1990 | Rex Suderland, East Sydney TAFE
1991 | John Manchee, Orange Ag.College
1992 | Tim Noske, Regency TAFE, SA
1993 | Tony Watson, Regency TAFE, SA
1994 | Cye Travers, UWS Hawkesbury
1995 | Simon Bayne, Regency Tafe SA
1996 | Bernadette Jolly, Orange
1997 | Gilly Simos, Sydney University
1998 | Alec Nash, Sydney University
1999 | Sarah McGrath, University of New England
2000 | Troy Fischer, University of New England
2001 | Joseph McGrath, Sydney University
2002 | Michael Connors, Sydney University
2003 | Emma Weatherly, University of New England
2004 | Judith Grauer, University of New England
2005 | Ryan Andrews, University of New England
2006 | Sabrina Lomax, Sydney University
2007 | Joanne Zanker, University of New England
2008 | Kelly Manke, Oklahoma State University
2009 | Jerilyn Hergenreder, Colorado State University
2010 | Jessica Loughland, Charles Sturt University Wagga
2011 | Jerra McMath, Texas Tech University
2012 | Tim Ryan, University of Melbourne
2013 | Courtney O’Sullivan, Murdoch University
2014 | Alan Caro, All-American Team
2015 | Chandler Steele, Oklahoma State University
2016 | Chloe Gould, University of Queensland
2017 | Jenna Hunt, Texas A&M
2018 | Brett Meisinger, Colorado State University
2019 | Kate Werfel, University of Adelaide

Team Champions – Winners of the Roy McDonald Shield

1990 | East Sydney TAFE | Coach: Gary Keys
1991 | Hamilton TAFE | Coach: Ken Oakley
1992 | Hamilton TAFE | Coach: Ken Oakley
1993 | UWS Hawkesbury | Coach: Rob Mulley
1994 | Werribee TAFE | Coach: John Paterson
1995 | Regency Tafe | Coach: Geoff Dunsford
1996 | Hamilton TAFE | Coach: Ken Oakley
1997 | Sydney University | Coach: Peter Wynn
1998 | UWS Nepean | Coach: John Paterson
1999 | University of New England | Coaches: Michael Crowley & Peter Dundon
2000 | University of New England | Coach: Michael Crowley
2001 | Sydney University | Coach: Colin Cavanough
2002 | Sydney University | Coach: Colin Cavanough
2003 | University of New England | Coach: Troy Fischer
2004 | University of New England | Coach: Peter McGilchrist
2005 | University of New England | Coaches: Georgie Marshall and Catherine Ryan
2006 | University of New England | Coaches: Catherine Ryan & Judith Grauer
2007 | University of Illinois | Coach: Dr Tom Carr
2008 | Oklahoma State University | Coaches: Dr Gretchen Hilton and Andrea Garmyn
2009 | Colorado State University | Coach: Scott Howard
2010 | Murdoch University | Coaches: Jen Clulow, Peter McGilchrist
2011 | Texas Tech University | Coaches: Professor Mark Miller and Shanna Ward
2012 | University of Melbourne | Coaches: Alister Knight, Hyatt Frobose, Rashelle Levonian
2013 | Kansas State University | Coaches: Dr Terry Houser, Aaron Tapian
2014 | All-American Team | Coaches: Tate Corliss and Clint Alexander
2015 | Oklahoma State University | Coach: Morgan Nielsen
2016 | University of Queensland | Coach: John Noble
2017 | Texas A&M | Coaches: Micki Gooch and Leslie Frenzel
2018 | Colorado State University | Coach: Blake Foraker
2019 | Texas Tech | Coach: Tommy Fletcher, Cole Perkins & Dr Mark Miller

Dr Tom Carr Award for Coaching Excellence

2006 | Kate Neath, Japan National Team
2007 | Peter McGilchrist, Murdoch University
2008 | Kate Neath, Japan National Team
2009 | Richard Sanders, Charles Sturt University Wagga
2010 | Emma Hegarty, James Cook University
2011 | Hyatt Frobose, University of Melbourne
2012 | Katelyn Braine, Charles Sturt University Wagga Wagga
2013 | Sam Walkom, University of Adelaide
2014 | Jarrod Lees, University of Queensland
2015 | Steph Teterin, Tocal
2016 | Melanie Smith, University of Sydney
2017 | Tamara Heir, Charles Sturt University
2018 | Tatsuki Kamata, Japan National Team
2019 | Farrah Preston, University of Adelaide

Our Timeline

1990 The first contest was held at Glenmore Meats, Glebe, Sydney

1993 The competition was held at Rockdale Beef

1994 1st team competed in the US at the National Western ICMJ contest in Greely, Colorado

1997 Korea/Japan trip introduced

2000 The competition was held at Cargill Wagga

2006 Japanese team joined the competition

2001 The schools competition was developed

2006 A 2.5 day workshop was introduced prior to the competition. This significantly boosted the level of interest.

2007 A US University (University of Illinois) competed in the competition (and won)

2015 The coaches XI program was introduced to expand professional development opportunities available to students

Life Members

John Carter

Past President 1989-2010

President since formation of Committee in 1995. John is a fifth generation cattle breeder at Crookwell, NSW. John’s credentials include: Marketing Chairman Cattlemen’s Union 1978-1982; Churchill Fellow (Meat Marketing) 1983; Chairman and CEO NSW Meat Industry Authority 1984-1994 (Initiator of livestock language; Gold/Purple branded beef schemes; taste testing; sale yard and abattoir reform etc.), Chairman Australian Beef Association 1998-2004. John is currently experimenting with crossbred herd with 14 breeds already incorporated and the Normande being introduced by AI.

Jason Strong

Awarded life membership July 2013

Jason is currently the General Manager for Marketing, Australian Agricultural Company (AACo) and has a large amount of experience in the meat and livestock industry, including the Regional Manager Europe for Meat & Livestock Australia, Chairman for the Australian Beef Industry Foundation, Head of new market development for Pfizer Animal Genetics and Manager of Meat Standards Australia. Jason has been instrumental in the development of the ICMJ program and coached the Australian National team for many years.

Dr Tom Carr

Awarded life membership 2014

Dr Carr is a renowned US meat science expert who holds a significant place in many Australian meat judging students hearts. Since the Australian ICMJ commenced, Dr Carr was employed by the University of Illinois to teach animal sciences and coach meats judging. He stayed until his retirement in 2010, when he and his wife, Jo, went home to Medicine Lodge, Kansas. During all of the Australian team trips to the US, Dr Carr has been instrumental in providing training guidance to the Australian team, annually hosting the Australian team, even in retirement, at his own home as well as ongoing support of the Australian ICMJ contest through the Dr Tom Carr excellence in coaching award. He has been a long time mentor of the Australian ICMJ program and travelled to Australia in 2014 to surprise the Australian ICMJ committee for their 25th year celebrations.

Owen Gwinn

Awarded life membership 2014

Owen Gwinn is a Churchill Fellow in Meat Marketing and was involved with John Carter (Frist ICMJ president) in the Cattlemen’s Union and the NSW Meat Authority. He was at the Authority organised 6th June 1990 workshop at Riverstone Abattoir and UWS (then Hawkesbury Agricultural College). At this workshop, top USDA beef grader ,Roy McDonald, was in charge and  explained what was to be judged to the original team coaches. Owen was a steward at the first contest at Glenmore Meats, Glebe on 13th November 1990. Owen then served as a Steward and ICMJ Committee member for 20  years. He was a great agent for stability on the committee with his corporate memory and common sense. He helped with every contest, including the new School contest for 20 years. He held the role of Chief Contest Steward annually and calmly  explained roles to the ever changing new group leaders before they led their groups into the chiller.

Peter Wynn

Awarded life membership 2016

Peter Wynn is an Adjunct Professor at Charles Sturt University, Wagga Wagga. Peter’s current interests relate to animal production in developing countries with a focus on small-holder dairy production, meat and fibre science. Peter is interested in consultancy in all of these areas including agricultural education and extension programs. He is a Fellow of the Australian Society of Animal Production and was awarded the AAAP Animal Science prize for his contribution to Animal Production in Asia in 2014. Peter’s major focus has been on Pakistan for the past 10 years, but his work has also taken him to China, Taiwan, Indonesia, India, Thailand, Malaysia and Bangladesh.