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Inspiring future professionals in the red meat industry

Here you can find all our virtual resources including webinar recordings, podcast episodes and training videos.

Webinar Recordings

Webinar 1 in our 2020 ICMJ online series showcased “New Technologies to measure eating quality in Beef and Lamb”.

Dr Peter McGilchrist from UNE (and ALMTech) and Jasmine Green from Teys Australia presented information on:
– How ALMTech is changing the way we measure meat quality – Dr Peter McGilchrist, UNE
– The processor’s perspective – what the new technologies mean for red meat companies and their customers around the world, with Jasmine Green from Teys Australia

Webinar 2 in our 2020 ICMJ online series covered the topic of ‘Measurement of carcass yield and integration into processing plants’.

Leading meat science researcher, Associate Professor Graham Gardner of Murdoch University, and Gundagai Meat Processors Chief Executive, Will Barton, presented on:
– The importance of accurate yield measurement, current yield measures in lamb and the role of DEXA in creating new opportunities for meat processors
– The installation and rollout of DEXA in a commercial setting
– What’s next in new technologies to measure yield in beef and lamb carcasses

Webinar 3 in our 2020 ICMJ online series tackled the topic of ‘Breeding lambs today for consumers of tomorrow’.

Featuring Meat & Livestock Australia’s LAMBPLAN Development Officer James Taylor, and leading Victorian breeders, Steve and Debbie Milne, Waratah White Suffolks:
– How to use genetic selection tools to improve lamb eating quality
– The producer’s perspective – data driven decision making in White Suffolk breeding

Webinar 4 in our 2020 ICMJ online series laid out the practical steps available to the red meat industry to achieve its goal of carbon neutrality by 2030 (CN30).  

Presentations from Meat & Livestock Australia’s Program Manager for Sustainability and CN30, Doug McNicholl, and James Madden, managing director of Flinders + co, Australia’s first meat company to commit to full carbon neutrality discussed:
– Why MLA has committed to CN30 and what that means for industry
– The meat company perspective – carbon offsets systems from farm to retail

Webinar 5 in our 2020 ICMJ online series addressed the topic of ‘Rumps ‘n Humps, Eggs ‘n Pregs.

How to juggle the many and varied demands on cattle breeding programs – from meat eating quality to herd fertility with Dave Johnston, of UNE and Bec Burnham, of Boogal Cattle Co. Brahmans:
– Genetic technologies for balancing trait selection for maximum productivity and consumer satisfaction
– The producer perspective – new technologies from around the world for commercial cattle breeders

Webinar 6 (and the final installment) in our 2020 ICMJ online series served up up a smoking good selection of Christmas treats with Butcher Wars star Shannon Walker.
Hosted by Meat & Livestock Australia NLRS Market Reporting Manager, Demi Lollback, Shannon and the team from the Black Bear BBQ chain delivered their top tips for a memorable Christmas lunch- including a demonstration of cuts and flavours from a range of meats fresh out of the smokers.

ICMJ Podcast

The Australian Intercollegiate Meat Judging Association (ICMJ) has released the first episode of its podcast series, ‘Chiller Room Secrets: the stories behind the Australian meat industry’s quest for perfection’.

The podcast series aims shine a light on the interesting history and exciting opportunities of the meat industry by delving into the lives and careers of people working within the livestock and meat processing sector.

The podcast is hosted by former ABC Rural Reporter Amy McCosker who now works for CQUniversity, which co-hosts the ICMJ Northern Beef Conference.

Upcoming episodes will include interviews with legendary meat scientist Professor Dave Pethick, Australian Country Choice’s Paul Gibson, American meat scientist Dr Tom Carr and MLA corporate chef Sam Burke who all share their exciting tales of forging a career in the meat industry.

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Episode 1: Jason Strong

Episode 3: Paul Gibson

Episode 5: Sam Burke, MLA

Episode 7: Jess Pryles, Hardcore Carnivore

Episode 9: Dr Davey Griffin, Texas A&M University

Episode 2: Dr Dave Pethick

Episode 4: Dr Tom Carr

Episode 6: Tom Maguire, Greenham and Sons

Episode 8: Tim Ryan, MLA

Episode 10: Inside the ICMJ Northern Conference