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Here you can find all the important documents and training information you need- as well as get some helpful hints, class judging practice and access useful meat images.

Pre-contest Information

Australia’s Intercollegiate Meat Judging Association (ICMJ) is investigating new digital delivery methods for meat science training and career networking after COVID-19 (coronavirus) forced the cancellation of  the 2020 annual conferences.

As a result of the measures brought in to limit the spread of coronavirus, the association’s national committee had decided to cancel all of its 2020 face-to-face events, including overseas tours, school competitions, and its annual conferences in Wagga Wagga and Rockhampton.

With face-to-face events no longer possible, ICMJ is now preparing a program of activities to be delivered from digital platforms to ensure students and young industry professionals can continue to access training and networking opportunities.

Please continue to follow out social media channels and this website for updated information on our 2020 digital events and resources.

Training Resources

Training Videos

ICMJ have recently created these videos to help you see classes and how they are judged. The videos show judging on:

  • Beef butts
  • Beef carcase
  • Beef shortloin
  • Lamb carcase
  • Pork carcase
  • Pork primal

Lamb yield and value adding workshop with Dr Dave Pethick

ICMJ has developed an interactive training program on our online training site. Here you will find a training guide to all of the meat judging classes as well as being able to practice judging skills with virtual carcase and primal classes.

Training Downloads

Print out these Practice MSA worksheets (they have carcase details completed to practice your eating quality calculations). Don’t forget to also print out your MSA eating quality grid. Then you can print out the ANSWER sheets to mark yourself:

EQ Class Pricing Grid
EQ Class Worksheet

Pricings Class Grid
Pricings Class Worksheet

Practice EQ class 1
Practice EQ class 2
Practice EQ class 3
Answers EQ class 1
Answers EQ class 2
Answers EQ class 3

Training class 1: Beef Ribs
Training class 2: Beef Carcasses
Training class 3: Pork Carcasses

MLA Beef Cuts Poster
MLA Sheep Meats Cuts Poster
APL pork cuts poster

For more practice classes try some US websites. Please note, Australian product can vary in appearance but these are good websites to practice terminology and become familiar with the parts of primals/carcases.

The relevant online classes to look at on Texas A&M are: Beef carcase class (but note Australian carcases do not contain kidney, pelvic or heart fat); Beef rib class; Beef round class (this is called butts in Australia); Lamb carcase class.

Texas Tech University practice classes
Texas A&M University Practise Classes
YouTube video of pork carcase judging
YouTube video of taking notes on pork carcase class