Japan 2020- ICMJ industry tour on again

Japan 2020- ICMJ industry tour on again


Japan has been one of Australia’s major red meat markets for a long time and will continue to be one of the leading consumers of Australian Beef, Lamb and Pork. It is key that professionals and researchers within the Australian red meat supply chain continue to focus on the needs of Japanese customers and consumers to ensure that we remain competitive on the global stage.

As such, the Australian ICMJ are seeking applications from persons within the red meat industry for a proposed tour of Japan in March 2020.

The major aim of this tour is to expose young meat industry professionals and/or students to the Japanese market and offer insights that could be adopted within industry to further develop and improve trade between Australia and Japan in the future. Importantly, the tour will focus on providing a channel for the Australian delegates to build and foster relationships within the Japanese industry.

Across about 10 days, the 2020 ICMJ Japanese tour will:

  • Provide an opportunity to learn about the diversity of the Japanese red meat market
  • Generate a greater in depth understanding of Japanese culture, red meat processing and diversity of cuisine
  • Visit universities, Wagyu studs, F1 Wagyu Friesian feedlots, dairy farms, value adding and beef processing facilities across Japan (focused around Sapporo)
  • Tour Tokyo and visit the MLA office, wholesalers, retailers, food service and processors
  • Culminate in the Japanese ICMJ competition on the 6th of March 2020


ICMJ will cover the main trip expenses including flights, internal travel, shared accommodation and minimal meals. Successful applicants will be required to cover their own travel insurance, incidentals and the remainder of meals.

 Selection criteria

This trip is available to those who fit any of the following criteria:

  1. Australian ICMJ alumni currently in an active role or pursuing a role within the Australian red meat industry
  2. Persons currently employed by a company which sponsors the ICMJ association or those active in the industry who have demonstrated consistent commitment to the ICMJ program
  3. Those actively employed in a commercial or research role within the Australian red meat industry that can demonstrate how attending this industry would return value to the Australian red meat supply chain

Attendees must be committed to submit a report to ICMJ discussing an aspect of the Japanese red meat industry that could be adopted within the Australian red meat supply chain, or a report providing insights on innovations, market differences or market opportunities for the Australian industry. Collectively the tour participants will also be required to provide daily social media posts for ICMJ sharing insights gained on the tour as well as a report for the Australian ICMJ Annual Report in June and content for a presentation at the Australian ICMJ Conference in Wagga Wagga in July 2020.


All applications must address the following points in a formal submission.

  1. Applicants details
    1. Full name
    2. Contact details (mobile phone & email address)
    3. Involvement with the Australian ICMJ program to date
    4. Current or targeted role and involvement within the Australian Red Meat industry
  2. Submission of no more than 500 words outlining the value in attending the Japanese Red Meat Industry Tour, specifically addressing the following;
    1. Current or future involvement within the red meat supply chain specifically relating to Japanese trade
    2. Professional development and insights that a tour may provide to enhance their current role
    3. Specific areas of the Japanese market in which you would like to gain more understanding of and why
    4. Articulation of why you need to know more about Japanese culture and cuisine habits

The ICMJ Executive Committee will review all submissions and applicants will be shortlisted based on those who best meet the selection criteria. The short listed applicants will be required for a phone discussion with members of the ICMJ Executive Committee from which successful applicants will be selected to attend the tour.

Applications must be sent to meatjudging@gmail.com no later than 5pm Monday the 18th of November 2019.

To discuss any of the details about this tour please contact Rozzie O’Reilly at breeding@lambpro.com.au or on 0427 226 625.